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Our practice team: We are looking forward to seeing you.

In our practice, our team of four will take care of you. We are there for you, from arranging the appointment to personal support after the treatment.


Helge Rothhaupt

In 1979, Helge Rothhaupt began his training as an ocularist at the F.Ad. Müller Sons in Wiesbaden, which he successfully completed in 1986. In 1990 he took over the institute from Arno Heinz Pommer in Karlsruhe and founded the "Institute for Artificial Eyes H. Rothhaupt".




Felix Rothhaupt

Trainee as ocularist since 2015. Assistant to ocularist since 2018.






Cristina Gomes

Ocularist trainee since 2020. 







Kerstin Rothhaupt

Front- and Backoffice







Sonja Frick-Höling

Front- and Backoffice


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